Monday, April 25, 2016

Blooming on the Block

Hi everyone, we had a great meeting out at the Niederkorn today.

The discussion meandered around for a bit, including (but not limited to) role-play gaming, Woodman's Food Market, and Hemingway's The Garden of Eden.

Kathy brought in her self-published books that were designed to aid the artisan community (you can check out her stuff at Roland gave us an update on his upload, with a special focus on the mysteries of the IRS W-9 form. I talked about my Ars Magica publications and the writing -vs- payment side of things. Diane is compiling her work with Ms. Plaid's adventures in Paris. Marci gave us an update on a project that she is working to get her son on board with...

Ultimately, it is a good day to reflect on successes and get excited about the future of our projects! Write on everyone.

Next Writer's Block (on May 9th), Diane and I are planning on bringing in some chapters to READ in front of the group (gulp). Also, I might drag in an hour-long role-play scenario; in the hope that some of my published game book background comes into focus a little more!

Feel free to stop in, grab some Java, tea, and a goody or two. Hopefully we can work with you on whatever Writer's Block that stands in your way.

See you in two weeks!


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