Monday, February 12, 2018

New Year, Lots of Projects

Greetings to all!

Last W.B. we had Lynn, Megan, Rose, Diane, Kathy, and Dave along with tea, coffee, and banana bread!

Lynn provided a GREAT opening for a sci fi book. Discussion followed. I think it is safe to say that this is one of those story arcs that both engages in a timely manner while also transporting the reader into a neat, cautionary tale.

We talked about Megan's projects. A certain trilogy's final book is coming together even as I type this. Also discussed were the the joys of moving. Boxing things thought lost. Fitting in an established life into the frame of another home (and making it yours). If I wrote in the romance genre, I can see that being the framework of a cool flashback / flash-forward styled book...

Setting up a blog. Go Blogspot! Also, the expectations of writing on a daily / weekly / monthly basis...

Rose talked about holiday letters. This is an interesting time capsule of many nifty nuggets: issues of the day / year, the changes in an author's voice, reflections of the individuals to / from / about...

Another free-form Monday to inspire!

See you on Monday 2/12 for our next installment. I'll bring a goody and more coffee & tea.

Write on.