Thursday, April 5, 2018

Things Done and To-Do

The group covered a TON of items at the last W.B., and I just wanted to both recap and note the plans for the upcoming get-together.

1. Diane is putting together a poetry booklet (good luck on the format issues!)
2. Camp NaNoWriMo is happening this month, I have an account and can see if I can set up a cabin, if anyone is interested.
3. Kathy is sorting out her 500 Word Confusions...
4. Megan has book 3 under construction and has finalized the cover artwork for book 2 of the Bookminder series!
5. I'm playing around with an 8000 word contest for Gen Con's Writer's symposium.
6. Tom (the library director) introduced us to the new Adult Services manager and also informed us that he would like any ideas that we might have for the creation of a 5-minute YouTube vid service that the Niederkorn library is interested in creating.
7. Jen gave us an obituary to read. It kicked off some interesting analysis and response!

One thing that was discussed is the reading / editing / responses to a short story for an upcoming contest. I was under the impression that the due date was April 1, but it turns out it is April 30. Here's the link (if you are interested):

Looking forward to seeing everyone on April 9th!