Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Happy New Year Everybody!

Howdy all!

Soooo, I'm looking at the unpublished posts from 2017 and found that I've become a MASTER at writing posts during our Writers Blocks, then saving and never posting them. Still, there are quite a few with some gems jotted down, so if I suddenly seem to have a number of disjointed subjects...

Yesterday, we had our first WB of 2018!

The year is starting off with some new folks as well as the regular lineup. Megan is kicking off a new novel project, Kathy is back from a VERY extended leave and still plugging away at that editors guide. I've come on board with Illusionist Magazine (www.illusioni.st) this week. Yes, the ink is still drying on the contract.

Unfortunately, I was unable to catch up with the whole gang. However, the next WB will include a little free writing practice and I'm planning on discussing plotting for various sized projects.

The next Writer's Block will take place on Monday, Jan 15 at our usual time of 9 am - Noonish.

Write on!