Monday, September 25, 2017

Stuff To Do


Today at the Writer's Block, we discussed writing aides, chat groups, and our projects!

We've got the first couple of chapters with more in the works for a mystery from Jen, Rose has her laptop newly updated and is working out some editing details with Kathy, Kathy has hit the letter P in her 500 book, M.K. Wiseman is in heavy editing mode for a couple of stacked projects, and I am prepping my NaNoWriMo effort for November.

There has been talk of an 'Inklings' group branching off from the Writers Block that might take off on the off weeks (on Thursdays, probably around 3 pm-ish) that will move around through the various coffee and spirits shops in Grafton and Cedarburg. More to come as details develop!

Speaking of authors groups, on Wednesday nights, Twitter has a chat #WritersLifeChat at 7:00. Think authors cocktail party with a general theme and then discussions branch off from that.
Go to create room, then you enter your hashtag.

Last time, there was a discussion about organizing our work / plots / characters using various techniques. One such technique is the site Obsidian Portal, which may be found at:

This is a 'gamers site', meaning that it is designed by (and for) Role Play Gamers who wish to keep information organized and the lines of communications open between players and organizers. It also has everything a developing story needs to keep track of characters, maps, equipment, story arcs, and even fellow beta-readers (through invite-only forums). There are two levels of membership, free (which allows for a couple of 'games' or stories to have their own filing, along with a wiki to use for each); and paid (which unlocks multiple 'games' / stories, along with the full list of applications for each). This is a great option for larger tales, massive character rosters, and series that require a lot of housekeeping and plotting.

Write on!