Monday, October 30, 2017

Rainy Day (Last Monday)!

It was a little light at the WB today. We hand one author in England, another out sick, some no-shows, and a couple of folks who had to roll in late. I had to leave 90 minutes early, due to a new job kicking off later in the morning, so we jumped right in as folks showed up.

We managed to retrieve a fairly recent copy of a Kathy's The 500 thought to be lost and I managed to do some author blog site reporting.

MK Wiseman made it, head cold and all. She's finishing the edit work for her publisher! WOOT

We talked E E Cummings.

We talked about NaNo plans.

November 14th will be the release of MK Wiseman Bookminder audiobook!

We talked about old projects and possible NaNo goodies attached to the efforts coming up in November.

Kathy D came up with a quad group of time travelers for her NaNo!

All in all it was a pretty good way to kick off the day!