Monday, July 10, 2017

Music & Contests

Good day all!

We had a couple of things go on with today's W.B.

First off, we discussed Book Track (website / soundtrack for online books). MK Wiseman uses that one to add a little sonic flavor to her books Millicent and Rue and Hack give 'me a look and see what I mean!

Next, we talked about contests. Below are three contests that have early submission dates in October:

  • Genre short stories
  • (writing contests with cash prizes)
  • Short short (1500 words or less) bit.lymshort-short

Also, we read some stuff! Diane gave us a sample of her poetic efforts much to the appreciation of all. Megan gave us a read from her online Millicent and Rue book (note that the link may be found at the MK Wiseman site). Kathy linked us up to her 500 Word Confusions. I handed out some reading homework to a couple of our authors (more on that one later...)

For next W.B., we are going to try something a little different. Diane and I are bringing in some 'fun and games' writing & poetry primers designed to inspire and prompt discussion. Come on down and give it a try!

See everyone July 24th!