Monday, April 25, 2016

Blooming on the Block

Hi everyone, we had a great meeting out at the Niederkorn today.

The discussion meandered around for a bit, including (but not limited to) role-play gaming, Woodman's Food Market, and Hemingway's The Garden of Eden.

Kathy brought in her self-published books that were designed to aid the artisan community (you can check out her stuff at Roland gave us an update on his upload, with a special focus on the mysteries of the IRS W-9 form. I talked about my Ars Magica publications and the writing -vs- payment side of things. Diane is compiling her work with Ms. Plaid's adventures in Paris. Marci gave us an update on a project that she is working to get her son on board with...

Ultimately, it is a good day to reflect on successes and get excited about the future of our projects! Write on everyone.

Next Writer's Block (on May 9th), Diane and I are planning on bringing in some chapters to READ in front of the group (gulp). Also, I might drag in an hour-long role-play scenario; in the hope that some of my published game book background comes into focus a little more!

Feel free to stop in, grab some Java, tea, and a goody or two. Hopefully we can work with you on whatever Writer's Block that stands in your way.

See you in two weeks!


Monday, April 11, 2016

Camp NaNo at the Block

Welcome to the W.B. Diana!

We worked on uploading Roland's book. We got it into the editor, but found some format issues. Roland is taking care of changing the 8 x 11 format into a 6 x 9 format and we should be good to go in a couple of weeks.

We also had a round table discussion on our writing plans for this Summer. It appears that the rest of the group is either well into the writing process for a first draft, or into the edit mode for their work. Either way, we are heading into having some finished projects over the next 3-6 months if the muses and fates are feeling kind in 2016.

The next Writers Block will be on Monday, April 25 starting at 9 a.m.
Bring something to read or to others to read and critique!

Last but not least; THANK YOU SMITH BROS for the coffee! This week's snack was Girl Scout cookies.