Monday, January 25, 2016

New Faces, New Places!

Welcome to the Block, Mark and Rolland!

As you can see, we had some new faces at the Writers Block this week. For a quick recap on who is doing what, here's the list (feel free to correct me if I'm off with any of this stuff):

Dave: (New) Young Adult Contemporary Fantasy Novel - First draft complete. Editing for continuity.
Kathy: Children's Book - Writing in progress.
Jennifer: Short Story series - Writing in progress.
.              Mystery Novel - First draft complete.
Mark: WWII biography - Writing in progress.
Rolland: Biblical - Complete, working through the self-publishing elements.
Rose: Memoir - Writing in progress.

We revolved the core of our discussions around the blending / ending point where research ends and focused, First Draft writing begins. Ultimately, this is a balance where the research has to progressively give over to the writing, although the writing will result in holes where further research is required.

Next get-together, we'll try to bring in some writing samples for the group to go over.

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